TSP.Gov Form 70 Request for Full Withdrawal

August 1, 2023

TSP.Gov Form 70: Use this form to request an immediate withdrawal of your entire assigned account balance, which will be paid once your agency confirms your departure from federal service. To request a partial withdrawal from your account, do not fill out this form, instead, complete Form TSP-77, Partial Withdrawal Request in Case of Split.

Before making a withdrawal request, read the Withdrawal from Your TSP Account After Leaving the Federal Service and TSP Notice booklet “Important Tax Information About Payments From Your TSP Account” “. Your previous employer should provide you with these documents when you separate from the service. If you do not have these documents, download them from the TSP website (www.tsp.gov) or request a copy from your former employer.

Note: If, after reading the TSP tax notice, you decide to submit Form W-4P, Certificate of Withholding for pension or annuity payments, attach a copy of this form to request your withdrawal when you deposit it to the Thrift Savings Program. If you are requesting a mixed withdrawal, indicate at the top of the W-4P the option to which the deduction applies.

You do not need to complete TSP.Gov Form 70 if:

  • Your earned account balance is less than $200. TSP will automatically send you a check for your account balance after your agency reports that you have split.
  • You are expected to be rehired after a break of less than 31 calendar days. You must be separated from federal service for 31 days or more to be eligible for the following employment withdraw money. If you would like to be rehired after a 31 or more calendar day absence, see the Withdrawal Book for information on rehired participants and withdrawal restrictions.

There are two ways to request a withdrawal after work:

  1. Complete TSP.Gov Form 70 and send it to TSP.
  2. Use the TSP website (www.tsp.gov) to initiate (and in some cases complete) your withdrawal request. If your request cannot be completed on the web because additional signatures, information or documents are required, you can print your partially completed withdrawal request form at the end of your online session . Review the form, complete any missing information, and provide required signatures and documents. Do not change or cross out any pre-filled information from your entries on the web; the form may not be accepted for processing if you do so.

Note: You cannot access the post-separation requests area of ​​the website until your agency reports your separation to TSP. After completing your withdrawal request, make a copy for your records.

Send originals to: Thrift savings plan, Post office box 385021, Birmingham, AL 35238. Or fax the completed form to our toll-free fax number: 1-866-817-5023. If you have any questions, call ThriftLine (toll-free) at 1-TSP-YOU-FRST (1-877-968-3778) or 1-TSP-THRIFT5 TDD (1-877-847-4385). Outside the US and Canada, please call 404-233-4400 (no free of charge).

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