TSP.Gov New Features

August 5, 2023

TSP.Gov New Features: All TSP participants will need to create a new login for the new My Account following the June transition. This one-time setup process will guide you through the steps of identity verification, creation username and password, update your contact information, and secure your account. You’ll notice a new design, additional tools, and expanded functionality to help you manage your account once you’ve signed in to My Account.

The configurable and user-friendly homepage will provide quick access to the information you want to see first. you’ll be able to see all the information for both accounts in one place if you have both a civilian account and a unified service account. This includes your total. You’ll have the option to use your device recognition software, such as fingerprint access and facial recognition, to add an extra layer of security when accessing My Account from a mobile device your.

If you need personal assistance, you can use our virtual assistant, AVA, to ask questions specific to your account, and connect directly with a Thrift Line representative for a live chat session. continue during business hours.

TSP.Gov New Features Mutual Fund Window

TSP participants who want more investment freedom can look in the mutual fund window. You can choose from a pool of more than 5,000 mutual funds if your account meets specific eligibility requirements. This flexibility comes at a cost, as with most mutual funds:

TSP participants who do not use the mutual fund window pay an annual fee of $55 to ensure that using the mutual fund window does not increase the management costs of the TSP. Annual maintenance fee is $95.

Distribution and withdrawals

The withdrawal or distribution request process will be more efficient and faster with improvements coming in June:

We offer the ability to use digital signatures and send multiple requests online, the same way we do for other transactions.

Support options have been expanded: With our extended support options, you’ll have more chances to get answers to your problems starting in June:

On our website and in the TSP mobile app, you’ll have 24/7 access to the help of AVA, a virtual assistant (coming in June). AVA will provide you with a safe place to ask questions about your account and, if necessary, will connect you to a live ThriftLine agent via chat during business hours.

Fast and easy online transactions: We offer new ways to complete most transactions and requests online to save you time and reduce paperwork:

You will be able to request transactions, download forms and documents, and digitally sign your new My Account. Other useful information. You will be able to submit beneficiary information online through a new tool in My Account or by calling ThriftLine. Several changes will be made to the way beneficiaries are named. You will be required to confirm beneficiary information once a year to ensure accuracy. You can easily specify an even distribution among beneficiaries using the online option to provide beneficiary information through My Account without having to enter a specific percentage minus when you want.

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